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Alta Via Consulting: Generating New Cost Management Insights

Dawn Sedgley, Cost & Performance Management Principal Partner, Alta Via ConsultingDawn Sedgley, Cost & Performance Management Principal Partner
In both private and public sectors, the acceleration of business is driving a new wave of competitiveness and demand for new services, better and faster. This requires a tighter relationship between financials and products, and a better understanding of the relationship between cost, finance, and operational results in real-time, to adapt business and financial models to this new market reality.

Based in Chicago, IL, Alta Via Consulting provides cost analytics for both the private and public sectors industries, to address specific challenges related to advanced cost management. “New technologies, larger memory, increased processing abilities for structured and unstructured data, combined with machine learning enablesus to generate operational insightsfor our clients that bring a greater understanding and transparency of their business processes,” says Dawn Sedgley, Cost and Performance Management Principal Partner, Alta Via.

“We’ve always been constrained with either volume issues or the inability to process the data or not having access to data. However, what has always been at the heart of the possible is now a reality. I don’t know when finance was ever this exciting.”

With the IT landscape changing, a lot of customers are moving from their legacy applications to SAP Enterprise platforms. Alta Via uniquely manages the cost, financial, and budgeting portion of these projects. “A lot of companies do data warehousing and financial optimization, but they do not build their resources to manage both,” Dawn points out. The company offers full life cycle implementation services for SAP along with stand alone cost analytics applications.

We come up with the right information for the right business decisions, linking what we call, ‘shop floor to top floor’

“As a consulting firm, we hire resources because they are business domain experts and we train them to become good technologists. We come up with the right information for the right business decisions, linking what we call, ‘shop floor to top floor’.”

In the government world, financial managers are concerned about budget. Operational teams focus on how to utilize the budget in the best possible way. Alta Via reconciles these different views coming from the same consistent data set and provides complete feedback on budget requirements and requests. This results in making financial trade-off decisions while optimizing capacity. “Many decision-makers understand the need yet never had access to that kind of information before in a timely manner, it was not used in day-to-day decision making,” notes Dawn.

For example, Alta Via is currently architecting a solution for a client, a government agency. The solution demands the capability to access a lot of different scheduling systems and overlay that data with financial data. It provides operational decision makers with the choice to move their training schedules to better align with capacity and/or budget availability, as everything becomes easily visible through a dashboard. Users can make operational decisions while simultaneously understanding the cash and budgetary constraints.

Alta Via is now looking at how to integrate standalone costing tools within larger tools and systems. Alta Via is also working to minimize maintenance through machine learning and applying to cost model optimizations and dynamic rules changes. Dynamic rules intelligently responding to market and condition changes, that is the future provided through tools now at our fingertips and those still being developed.