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FEDMINE.US: Enabling Real-time Understanding of Federal Spending Data

Ashok Mehan, CEO, FEDMINEAshok Mehan, CEO
Today, the phrase ‘big data’ has emerged as a key technological influence in the government sector. The role of big data can be particularly exemplified in its ability to streamline government spending. The U.S. government spends trillions of dollars each year directed towards enhancing public services such as education, health care, homeland security, defense, transport infrastructure and more. Big data can help manage the sheer amounts of data created and maintained by different agencies, and offer much required insights into federal spending everyone has been waiting for.

Set against this backdrop, with more than three decades of experience serving the federal sector, FEDMINE.US simplifies information related to federal spending by providing a single source of truth—in real-time. The company’s product integrates spending data from 16 data sources such as FPDS-NG, FedBizOpps, GSA, OMB, USA Spending. Gov, SAM, and others, freeing organizations from investing and maintaining increasing volumes of data prone to becoming bottomless cost pits.

“Big data is about complete automation, without a manual step involved in processing data. And we excel in this space,” begins Ashok Mehan, CEO, FEDMINE.US.

The company’s robust business intelligence platform tracks the domain of federal spending by seamlessly connecting key data points from disparate data sources easily accessible from one place. Today the FEDMINE site is the largest federal spending destination on the internet. By eliminating all the guess work that can typify understanding and summarization of complex data sets, the solution provides visually appealing methods for users to gain immediate knowledge to tough problems. It could be a harbinger of future standards of one stop portals in government.

“Our goal is to provide federal contractors and government agencies the shortest path to conducting mutually beneficial business interactions through sustainable flows of valid spending data maximized for relevancy in real-time.

Big data is about complete automation, without a manual step involved in processing data. And we excel in this space

FEDMINE provides the highest data fidelity possible today from a system that regularly maintains cross-linkage concurrency,” says Mehan.

A market leader by virtue of being the first fully automated SaaS-based solution in its category within the federal sector, FEDMINE’s hosted solution offers an all encompassing, comprehensive, and up-to-date system that is powerful yet simple to use.

The need for increased visibility into buying activities on a real-time basis, has pushed agencies to demand quicker access to their spending data, that is not possible from manually intensive, error-prone tasks that define the activity today. FEDMINE fulfills this demand handsomely, providing its GovPro Premium Suite ready for fully informed analysis for decision-making.

FEDMINE recently leveraged its business intelligence framework for the Office of Small Business Programs, at the Department of Veterans Affairs. The agency wanted an executive information system with full drill down to operational level data that could help gain timely insights for meeting its small business goals. “We developed analytical dashboards at one sixteenth the cost, and in less time than it took them to explain what they wanted,” says Mehan.

Standing apart from its competitors, FEDMINE prides itself in being the only real-time SaaS provider of “true business intelligence, marketing research, and decision support systems that save organizations significant time and money,” extols Mehan. Forging ahead, the company continues to innovate itself ready to assimilate into the coming age of the technological singularity, which author Ray Kurzweil in his book ‘The Singularity is Near’, says will occur around the year 2034. “At that time, artificial intelligence and machine learning processes will overtake what most of us today consider science fiction.”