FICO: Driving Fact-based Decisions for Better Results

FICO: Driving Fact-based Decisions for Better Results

William Lansing, CEO, FICOWilliam Lansing, CEO
Government data generation is on rise with the proliferation of mobile devices and applications, customer interaction portals, mission data, Open Government initiatives, and more. In such a scenario, big data analytics holds a huge potential to transform the way government services are delivered to citizens. However, as digital information expands, it brings added complexities in data management and processing, affecting the decision making. Addressing the big data challenges for government to drive fact-based decision making is a San Jose, CA based FICO [NYSE:FICO]. The company’s government analytics and decision management technology enable federal agencies to improve processes and reduce fraud, waste, and abuse, simultaneously helping develop and maintain more effective relationships with the public.

FICO’s Decision Management Suite simplifies data silos to quickly and easily obtain understandable data insights. The platform integrates with FICO Analytic Cloud enabling the clients to accumulate data insights faster and easier than before. It also assists in developing analytic models and decision models that facilitates clear insights from masses of data. The platform helps government bring down the processing time of applications and foster speedy services. The company delivers an absolute decisioning solution through consistently integrating analytics, decisioning, optimization, data visualization and exploration, and other aspects. FICO Data Management Integration Platform is capable of importing, standardizing and synthesizing data from various resources so that data can be analyzed quickly to make decisions in real time. In addition, FICO Xpress Optimization Suite facilitates the clients to design applications to solve their complex data management problems in a smooth manner. “In our applications segment, we have made available cloud-based versions for our market-leading analytic applications which offer additional capabilities to the clients,” says William Lansing, CEO, FICO.

FICO’s Decision Management Suite simplifies data silos to quickly and easily obtain understandable data insights

Additionally, the FICO Analytic Cloud enables the clients to build and deploy customized applications and services by providing Platform-as-a-Service (PaaS) access to the FICO Decision Management Platform. FICO’s Big Data Analyzer provides a customized-built analytics environment for obtaining useful insights from the in-depth analysis of numerous data sets. All the products and solutions including big data analytics enhance flexibility, easy deployment and bring down operating costs.

FICO’s data optimization solutions enable the clients to manage and utilize data in a better manner so that they can retain the useful data and archive unwanted information. For instance, the Statistical Office of the Slovak Republic was challenged with producing national and regional data without disclosing confidential information of businesses and individuals. It opted for FICO Xpress Optimization Suite with t-ARGUS which enabled gathering and publishing of huge data sets and at the same time establishing control over the disclosure of confidential information by suppressing the sensitive data. This optimization platform automatically indicated potentially “unsafe” data within the data tables and applied rules to suppress the information held in these cells to achieve full statistical disclosure control. As a result, the client was able to reduce the processing time and assure utmost confidentiality of data through attaining statistical disclosure control.

For the future, the company is planning to expand its services leveraging innovative solutions. “We will remain focused on execution. We envision a future where every business decision will be made with data, and every application, service and solution will have a Big Data analytic software component,” concludes Lansing.