Pentaho: Unified Data Integration and Analytics

Pentaho: Unified Data Integration and Analytics

Quentin Gallivan, CEO, PentahoQuentin Gallivan, CEO
Today, Government agencies are facing an increasing pressure to detect fraud and waste, defend against cyber-terrorism, manage data centers and enterprise application consolidations, and look into the never ending agency modernization efforts. There is growing need for the state and local governments to reduce agency inefficiencies and identify opportunities for growth, alongside improving real-time decision-making and operational intelligence. This is directing leading agencies to partner with Pentaho—a Hitachi Group company, offering data integration and business analytics with an enterprise-class, open source-based platform for diverse big data deployments. Pentaho’s unified data integration and analytics platform is comprehensive, completely embeddable and delivers governed data to power analytics in any environment. The single unified comprehensive platform simplifies preparing and blending of any data and provides a broad spectrum of self-service business analytics including dashboards, reports, data visualization, discovery and predictive analytics. “Our mission is to help customers get fast insights from their data irrelevant of where the data source resides—relational data base or cloud,” says Quentin Gallivan, CEO of Pentaho. “We offer an analytical platform that combines data integration with a whole range of analytical tools from reporting to adhoc discovery to predictive analytics.”

Pentaho delivers a complete enterprise-class business analytics solution fueled by an open innovation model. The firm’s modern platform is matched by a modern subscription, core based, flexible pricing model that is aligned with both embedded and direct customer business models. Open and extensible, Pentaho is architected to ensure that each member of a team—from developers to business users—can easily translate data into value. Coupled with drag-and-drop visual integration tools and comprehensive data discovery, the platform supports any type or source of data with native support for Hadoop, NoSQL and analytic databases.

Our mission is to help customers get fast insights from their data irrelevant of where the data source resides—relational data base or cloud

The platform offers a full array of analytics: data access and integration to data visualization and predictive analytics, empowering users to architect big data blends at the source and stream them directly for more complete and accurate analytics. The platform’s deep native connections and an adaptive big data layer accelerate access to the latest versions and capabilities of popular big data stores, alongside offering greater flexibility, reduced risk, and insulation from changes in the big data ecosystem. With the ability to drastically reduce the time to design, develop and deploy analytics solutions, Pentaho serves numerous big data customers and has over 10,000 production deployments and 1,500 commercial customers worldwide.

In an example, InfoCamere—the consortium of information technology of the Italian Chambers of Commerce wanted to evaluate a more modern, open source alternative which could offer a clear vision of the state of economy within the regions, enabling better local support during times of crisis and opportunity. InfoCamere migrated its proprietary business intelligence platform to Pentaho Business Analytics Enterprise Edition. Today, the client is able to easily access and analyze over 500GB of data from the past 10 years enabling the Chambers to prepare adequately for both growth and downturn scenarios.

Pentaho was born out of a desire to achieve positive, disruptive change in the business analytics market, dominated by expensive heavy-weight products built on outdated technology. The company also offers unique big data tools to extract, prepare and blend an organization’s data with visualizations and analytics that can change the way clients run their business. “Through our platform and tools we want to solve our client’s various challenges, our 95 percent satisfaction rating on support feedback is just one reason our customers always renew and expand with us,” concludes Gallivan.