Cloudera: Gaining Unlimited Insights

Cloudera: Gaining Unlimited Insights

Damien Patton, Founder & CEO, ClouderaDamien Patton, Founder & CEO
Big data and analytics are the two powerful computing trends that deliver operational insights and actionable intelligence while completely transforming the way businesses function. Today, states and localities are collecting huge amounts of structured and unstructured data and looking for advanced analytics software to make more informed decisions. Also, government organizations need analytics solutions to understand operations, predict outcomes, eliminate waste, detect misuse of resources, and defend against national threats. Based in Palo Alto, CA, Cloudera assists public sector organizations in securely and seamlessly analyzing data, providing accurate as well as trusted results. Cloudera is revolutionizing the data management arena with its unified platform for big data management and analytics with an enterprise data hub built on the Apache Hadoop server. The company allows aggregation of pertinent data from various systems as well as partners leading to timely insights that benefits constituents by assisting public sector professionals interpret data more rapidly. This promotes better decision making as well as seamless resource allocation at the right location for the right requirements.

In addition, Cloudera helps government organizations gain ability to analyze data for identifying and mitigating potential threats, thus saving money and enhancing national security. “Advanced analytics can be used for faster threat detection, investigation, and remediation,” says Tom Reilly, CEO, Cloudera. By adopting a highly-extensible and configurable solution that adheres to enterprise-grade security and governance, the compliance needs of public sector organizations are met in a cost-effective manner with Cloudera platform. “Our platform has native authentication, native authorization, native auditing, and native data encryption. Because we are building them natively, customers realize that Hadoop is more secure than databases that had been around for 30 years.”

Advanced analytics can be used for faster threat detection, investigation, and remediation

With Cloudera at the center of an agency’s Enterprise Data Hub (EDH), business users gain unprecedented visibility to the organizations data. This delivers a wide range of computing capabilities, including machine learning, offering the right mix of flexible analysis and data depth to find solutions from the data without compromising privacy and security.

The firm’s solutions are not just limited to unified platform for big data management, open source distribution solutions, management application for Apache Hadoop and the enterprise data hub to make administration. The firm also offers Cloudera Navigator, an integrated data management application for Apache Hadoop-based systems. In addition, the firm provides training services, data warehouse optimization, advanced analytics, as well as enterprise security solutions.

Cloudera has been assisting various industry leaders in energy and utilities, financial services, government, healthcare and life sciences, media and entertainment, and public sector organizations globally. For instance, Cloudera assisted the Kentucky Transportation Cabinet (KYTC) save millions for the winter transportation. To optimize snow and ice responses during heavy snow fall, KYTC began monitoring roadways during winter with a real-time information management system. But the system was inefficient to process the 80,000 records that were being generated a second. After installing Cloudera, the platform’s predictive analytics helped KYTC form long-term strategies for road and bridge maintenance. With Cloudera, road condition, temperature, as well as salt rate data were all made under disposal. The platform also allowed tracking salting degrades roads to better control application.

Today, the firm continues to offer agencies a secure and cost efficient place to store and analyze all their data, empowering them to derive new insights and correlation while extending the value of existing investments.