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Forecast5 Analytics: Decision Support Tools for the Public Sector

Top 10 Big Data Solution Companies - 2018

Government agencies face a lot of challenges when it comes to implementing big data technologies. The legacy systems that these organizations use have data that exists in different silos. To leverage big data technologies, all of the data sets have to be brought into a centralized repository. Additionally, since government agencies still resort to a lot of paperwork, most of the information needs to be reentered digitally and indexed appropriately.

Open Government initiatives, citizen interactions, and KYC programs have all resulted in vast amounts of data being generated for the governments. These organizations need to have all these information retrieved and analyzed quickly to improve mission requirements. As a result, companies are beginning to deploy big data technologies for gaining insights into the population, preventing fraud and abuse, and so on. For example, state transportation departments can leverage the data that is obtained through toll and traffic analysis to understand traffic patterns better. This can help them provide efficient transport services to people and thereby serve the citizens better. Massive data sets can be easily analyzed through data mining to identify patterns that are followed by fraudsters or criminals, empowering law enforcers to prevent such culprits from gaining access to private and confidential information.

The key to government agencies effectively implementing big data technologies lies in how they can effectively tackle these challenges. Many solution providers have already come up with big data solutions that would help government agencies by providing them with innovative big data solutions. In the last few months, a distinguished panel comprising of CEOs, CIOs and analysts, along with Gov CIO Outlook’s editorial board reviewed and shortlisted the top companies, at the forefront of tackling big data challenges for the government sector. In this edition of Gov CIO Outlook, we present to you “Top 10 Big Data Solution Providers - 2018,” featuring the companies that are delivering promising big data solutions to the government sector.

    Top Big Data Solution Companies

  • Experts in data management and administration that design open source solutions for business intelligence, predictive analytics, decision support, and user transactions

  • Forecast5 Analytics provides decision support tools for public sector entities

  • Provider of WizWhy, the only program that reveals if-and-only-if rules explaining the values of the dependent variable

  • Agildata


    Provides solutions and services to help firms deliver on the promise of Big Data and scale MySQL data infrastructures

  • Anodot


    Utilizes AI to deliver autonomous analytics in realtime across all data types at enterprise scale

  • Auriga


    Offers software R&D and IT outsourcing services to satisfy specific needs of software and hardware hi-tech companies

  • DataSync Technologies

    DataSync Technologies

    Provides mission driven and cost effective consulting services to enhance defense and intelligence solutions

  • DLT


    Provides customers with partner-based IT solutions and vendors flexible and responsive operational support

  • Raidinc


    Provides end-to-end solutions in technical computing and Big Data

  • Sentimetrix


    Provider of WizWhy, the only program that reveals if-and-only-if rules explaining the values of the dependent variable